Web Development

Let me use the robust AWS Cloud combined with more traditional technologies to bring a simple and effective website design to life for you.



We started with a goal to help offer simple yet effect websites for those that need a reliable web presence. Leveraging the cloud provides a good, working, reliable and economical solution for your website needs. Working with you to provide a turn key solution where you need not have to worry about the technical stuff.

Utilizing the power of the cloud on Amazon Web Services, the industry leader in cloud technology. Woody Haven customers have the most available and resilient service possible.

With AWS logo you get these advantages

  • Uptime of 99.99999% or better
  • Fast response times
  • SSl / TLS security certificates
  • Access can be limited to regions
  • Hosted local to your customers
  • Low cost
  • Extremely secure

Some Examples

Did I mention we are green?

AWS has committed to going completely green with renewable energy and business policy.

We utilize the power of the sun here at the home office with 3000 watts of rooftop solar helping us be environmentlally friendly. If you feel the same you can rest assured that we have the environment in mind as well as your satisfaction with our services.

Domains for sale (listed below)

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This was the first website I developed for a customer, they did't have the time or resources to adequately develop it. If you are interested in actually doing something with it let me know and I'll make a deal or help you with the website.

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

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Woody Haven is a small web development service. We do not collect or maintain any personal information online. We use cookies in a very minimal way to know if you are a repeat visitor. The website is intended for all audiences.